MOHS Procedure Surgeon at Melbourne Dermatology Center

From Skin Check, Mole Check or Full Melanoma Screening we are with you the entire process.

Botox Injection

It doesn’t matter if you grew up in Florida or if you just moved to the area, when exposed to the high UV index here in the Sunshine State, skin cancer happens faster than you expect. Even if you are a new patient, you should not have to wait weeks or months to get a skin check, a changing mole checked or even a full body melanoma screening by a local dermatologist. Here at Melbourne Dermatology Center even new patients can get an appointment within a week and get a skin cancer screening on their first visit. The earlier you catch skin cancer, the quicker we can schedule a MOHS surgical procedure.

MOHS Surgery on Nose, Face and More

If you are in need of a skin cancer surgeon, especially to have skin cancer removed from your nose or anywhere on your delicate face, come in for a consultation and let us educate you about MOHS Micrographic Surgery. With this procedure we remove all cancer down to the roots increasing your heal time, reducing your chances of relapse. Not only does it help with your recovery, our skilled dermatological surgeon Dr. Wiener uses plastic surgeon precision to close up the wound leaving you with minimal scarring.

Not only are we a medical dermatology center, we offer cosmetic dermatology ranging from chemical peels, laser treatments, microdermabrasion and even fillers like Botox are used in the assistance of softening scars and reducing the appearance of post surgical scarring.

Call us today for your skin cancer screening. If you do need surgery, catching it early is the best case scenario for us to help you to a quick and beautiful recovery!

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