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Acne Creams, Gels, Antibiotics, Accutane?
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Everyone struggles with acne, whether it be in your teenage years or adult on-set. Different skin types, sensitivities, routines and diet all affect how your acne responds to treatment. Our experienced and medically trained team at Melbourne Dermatology Center will help you pinpoint your acne causes, come up with the right treatment regimen for you, and help you clear your skin.

We continue to stay up to date with the latest and best medical and cosmetic treatments for all acne types including the tried and true Accutane treatment. If you’re struggling with adult acne, teenage acne, cystic acne, or food related breakouts, schedule an appointment and we can assist you in regaining your confidence with clear skin!

Acne Scar Treatment

CoolPeel CO2 Laser

If you are searching for Acne Scar treatment, we also offer top of the line laser treatments that can leave your skin looking radiant and smooth! Clear “acne craters” and uneven skin tone with as little as 3 treatments for some patients!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the over-the-counter medications like Curology, Proactiv, and your daily face washes aren’t helping to control your breakouts, it is a good time to schedule an appointment with our office. It is important to try and treat your acne before it gets severe, to stop any scarring the acne breakouts may cause.

There are hundreds of different treatment methods and combination treatments for acne. Majority of mild to moderate acne can just be treated with topical creams and gels, along with oral antibiotics for more inflammatory acne. For more moderate to severe acne, Isotretinoin (Accutane) is a great option to treat stubborn cystic acne and help improve scarring. Melbourne Dermatology Center offers many different cosmetic treatment options that will help improve acne scarring as well.

Your makeup isn’t necessarily causing your acne, but it could be contributing to it. If you feel your makeup is having an impact on your breakouts, try switching to a new brand and remember to always clean your beauty sponges and makeup brushes. Acne is from hormones that stimulate the oils and sebum on your skin clogging your pores, the acne causing bacteria then gets trapped in your pores resulting in inflammation and pimples. So always make sure to have clean products and clean hands when applying makeup and topical skin care to your face.

PRO-TIP: Look for cosmetic products that say “non-comedogenic” this means non-pore clogging.

Accutane has gotten its fair share of bad reputations for its long list of side effects. Accutane has been around for many years and is continually studied; proving that what severe side effects we used to think came along with Accutane, actually do not. Accutane is a safe medication to take, but requires close monitoring by one of our dermatologists while on the treatment. The course of Accutane treatment is typically around six months. If you feel you are a good candidate or want to learn more about Accutane, call us to schedule an appointment with one of our providers so we can help you better understand your options.

Every single person is different when it comes to their skin type, diet, acne breakouts and treatment regimen. What may work for your friend, may not necessarily be the case for you. This is why it is important to see an experienced and medically trained dermatologist for assistance with your acne. In the beginning of starting an acne treatment most acne breakouts will “purge” and get worse before it gets better, don’t be discouraged! You will start to turn the corner and notice a difference within 3-4 months of treatment (if on the right type of regimen for you). And it only continues to get better and clearer with consistency!

Acne scars come from picking and squeezing pimples and can take time for them to heal, even resulting in permanent scarring. Acne scar pigmentation will fade over time, but the pitted indentations or “ice-pick scars” will remain. There are various treatment options available, most cosmetic, for acne scars including filler, chemical peels, and lasers. All of these options are offered at our office!